Everlasting Gospel – The Three Angels Messages


The Everlasting Gospel comprises of the first, second and third angels messages in Revelation 14:6-12 which will result in a grand harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God. (Revelation 14: 14).

Jesus referred many times to the Everlasting Gospel that would be preached throughout the whole world – to every nation, kindred, tongue and people which will result in the end of this world in preparation for the ushering of God’s New Kingdom (Matthew 4:23, Matthew 24:14). This message is presented by Jesus as his last “love letter” to a world that is rapidly disintergating in sin, suffering and death.

Click on the links below to conduct your own research on the meaning of each of these messages. Before you do, may we recommend that you invite the power of the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom through prayer.

Maranatha – Jesus is coming soon !



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