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The Great Controversy

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The FREE Great Controversy Book

The Great Controversy covers the history of the battle between good and evil. What existed before the world was created? Who was Lucifer? Did Christ exist before the world as the divine Son of God? How did evil begin in our world? Who fought for our civil and religious liberties? What is the “mark of the beast”, when will it be implemented and how can we avoid it? 

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The FREE Ministry of Healing Book

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This book will explore the connection between the  physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. Explore the benefits of a plant-based diet, exercise, water, sunlight, temperance, fresh air, rest and trust in God. 

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    Proof Positive Book – Dr Neil Nedley

    Take a step toward improving your health by purchasing “Proof Positive” – an excellent resource aid to know “How to reliably combat disease and achieve optimal health through nutrition and lifestyle”. Here are some of the health themes that this hardback contains:

    * Good News About Cancer: It Can Be Prevented !
    * Heart Disease: Conquering The Number One Killer
    * The Great Meat And Protein Myth
    * Milk: Friend Or Foe ?
    * The Frontal Lobe: The Crown Of The Brain
    * AIDS And HIV: The Untold Story
    * Nutrition And The Environment

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    Diet & Health – Professor Walter Veith

    Containing the latest insights including his own research are presented) is published by the prestigious scientific publisher: Stuttgart Scientific Publishers (Stuttgart Wissenschaftlicher Verlag), which publishes books for the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry and is available on the world-wide market.

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