Danny Vierra Sharing Emotional Healing

Is there a relationship between your mind, emotions and your physical well being ? Learn simple natural remedies shared by Danny Vierra for emotional, mental and physical healing.

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What is a Protestant ? Sola Scriptura ? How does this impact the Sabbath truth ?

What is a Protestant ? When did the first “protest” begin ? What was the impact of Luther understanding the “just shall live by faith” have on the early Roman Catholic Church ? If we are Protestants, has Jesus made it clear […]

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Will Pope Francis have a ‘brief’ papacy ?

Has Pope Francis suggested that he may resign his papacy like his predecessor, rather than remain at the Vatican for life ? The pontiff made the following comments during an interview with Mexican television, marking the second anniversary of his election. “I […]

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USA legalises the teachings of Satanism in schools

Satanic books are handed to USA schoolchildren after religious freedom ruling. What are the above events leading to ? See – https://ministryofhealing.org/everlasting-gospel/third-angels-message/ .